Have you and your loved one drifted apart?
Do you find even when you’re together that the time just doesn’t feel like it used to?
Or maybe there just doesn’t seem to be time to spend together at all.

If you’ve experienced any of these thoughts, relationship counseling may be an option to consider. Relationship counseling can help you reconnect as a couple and discover what stressors in your lives are pushing you a part.

Relationship Counseling May Help You And/Or Your Partner:

  • Talk more with each other
  • Find more time for each other
  • Stop the bickering about the same thing – over and over
  • Talk about things that you haven’t felt comfortable sharing
  • Overcome a traumatic experience you’ve shared with them –accident, abortion, death, etc.
  • Stop or prevent having an affair 
  • Share financial information with each other – purchases, debt,etc.

Couples Counseling Oregon City
Relationship Counseling Oregon City

Carolyn Has Helped Couples

  • Learn to communicate better with each other
  • Learn how to resolve a fight or prevent a fight altogether
  • Rebuild the trust in their relationship
  • Rediscover the friendship and intimacy in their relationship
  •  Learn how to forgive or accept each other’s flaws
  • Explore each other’s dreams, values and goals
  • Figure out what the future holds for each other
  • Learn to communicate better with each other

Carolyn Waterfall - Oregon Counselor

Carolyn’s Approach

Carolyn’s approach to helping couples work on their relationship starts with providing a safe, non-judgmental space where they can explore the stressors in their lives. By incorporating techniques such as the Gottman method, couples therapy, narrative therapy and skills practice, couples discover the stressors that are causing tension in their relationship. Couples can then begin to work on solutions of how to overcome these stressors and become closer and more intimate with each other.

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